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Rent or buy?


Most Reside homes are let at what we call intermediate rents. This means that they are let below market rent levels and most homes are let at around 80% of local market rents. Reside homes are always prioritised for local residents.

Intermediate rent – eligibility criteria

We apply some standard eligibility criteria to make sure that Reside homes are let to those who most need them most. We’ll make sure that anyone offered an affordable tenancy has the ability to pay the rent, with enough money left to cover their other living costs.

Applicants will need to provide information relating to the below:
  • Pass credit reference checks
  • Show evidence they are British or EU/EEA citizens, or have indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • Proof of address for the last three years
  • Reference from previous landlord (where relevant)
  • Proof of employment and wage slips for the last three months
  • Proof of savings to support a returnable cash deposit and one month’s rent in advance

Register your interest

Once you have registered, we will assess your application and then let you know if it has been successful.

Priority for Reside intermediate rent homes is given in the order set out below:
  • Working tenants of the Council and tenants of housing associations living in the borough
  • Working housing waiting list applicants living in the borough
  • Working residents of the borough
  • People in employment in the borough but who are not currently living there
  • People in employment from outside the Borough
Read our Affordable Rent FAQs


We offer shared ownership properties, allowing working people to get on the first rung of the property ladder. To find out more about how shared ownership works, take a look at the overview on the Government’s Website .

Our properties typically offer a starting share of 25%. You also need to be able to pay rent on the remaining value of the property.

To be eligible for our shared ownership products you need to have a household salary of no more than £90,000 and to evidence that you can meet the financial obligations of your property.