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About us

Welcome to B&D Reside

We are a housing provider working in partnership with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Our main purpose is to provide good-quality homes and housing services in the local communities with the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham. Our aim is to make a difference every day and have a positive impact on both the lives of our residents and the communities in which we work. We are committed to working in partnership with our tenants and leaseholders to ensure that their tenancies and our communities are safe and sustainable.

We will achieve this through the provision of quality, affordable housing for working people.

We work closely with the council’s development company, Be First, and are planning to build around 2,000 new homes in the next three years. All our homes are prioritised for residents of the borough and we want to provide many more new affordable homes for local people.

All of our homes are prioritised for residents within the local borough and the majority of new homes are offered at intermediate rents. This means that our average rents are 20% lower than typical market rents in Barking and Dagenham.

We also offer new homes for shared ownership. These typically start with a 25% share of ownership, with the buyer continuing to pay rent on the rest of the property. Over time you can buy more shares to increase your level of ownership. A great, flexible way to buy a home.

Barking and Dagenham council is also building new homes at social rents. These will be managed by Barking and Dagenham Homes Ltd. and are allocated to households on the council’s housing register. Check if you’re eligible and apply!

Our Vision

“To be an exemplar of a social purpose local housing company”.

Our Mission

“To provide local people with high-quality affordable homes and a good standard of housing services, as well as delivering an agreed level of financial return to the council”.

Our Values 

Resident focused

We want our services to focus upon the needs and aspirations of our residents, ensuring we are easy to do business with and we are their landlord of choice. That’s why we:

  • Provide an easy to access and responsive service by access to more digital services, potentially through the new specification for PMA functions and repairs;

  • Aim to make day to day transactions easy - from making payments to requesting repairs for instance by making available an online payment option and being able to view their tenancy account online;

  • Aim to engage effectively, listening and learning from residents feedback, and putting their ideas into practice wherever we can.


We want our residents to feel safe and secure at home and in the community, that’s why we:

  • Regularly check our homes are up to standard and respond to repairs promptly; 

  • Regularly assess fire safety standards;

  • Monitor and manage any anti-social behaviour. 


We are focused on providing good quality homes that will stay that way, that’s why we:     

  • Maintain our homes to a good standard and complete everyday repairs as quickly as possible.


We will:

  • Be open and honest;

  • Keep our promises;

  • Take complaints and concerns seriously, resolve them promptly and check you are happy with the outcome;

  • Be transparent so you can hold us to account, including publishing our performance annually.  Where we need to improve we will clearly state what we are doing to achieve this.


We will: 

  • Provide a friendly responsive high-quality service to our residents and aim to get things right first time;

  • Benchmark our services against similar providers and work to continuously improve;

  • Take swift action to address areas where our services do not meet our quality standards;

  • Be open and transparent about what we are doing to change and when improvements will be seen.


We are keen to learn from our experience and continuously improve, so we will:

  • Work with residents to understand what improvements they want to see and what their priorities are;

  • Work with our residents to use new technology to become more accessible;

  • Champion what we do in the sector and be keen to innovate.