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Preventing theft from communal areas - advice for residents

B&D Reside Communications Team


Theft from communal areas

Parcel theft across London is not uncommon and communal post areas of residential buildings are particularly popular amongst thieves. If you live in an apartment with a shared entrance, please be aware of who you are letting through the door and into the building when entering. Thieves will often tailgate residents to gain access and carry out thefts.

In addition to managing the access to your building, making a few simple changes to how you have items sent to you can help reduce the risk of you losing items to opportunistic thieves.

Protect your parcels from theft by:

  • Tracking your delivery status
  • Requesting a signature on delivery
  • Booking a delivery slot for a time when you know someone will be at home
  • Having items sent to a secure drop-off location – some local shops provide this service
  • Collecting your parcel from the delivery service’s depot
  • Using Amazon lockers for Amazon parcels
  • Enlisting a trusted neighbour’s help to pick parcels up as soon as they arrive
  • Having your parcels sent to your workplace
  • Having parcels sent to a relative or friend’s house

If you have ordered a delivery which has not arrived, first contact the delivery company. If you think a parcel has been stolen or notice anyone acting suspicious, you can make a report online at or by calling 101.